Corporate Governance



Always follows Business Philosophy, Vision, and Core values of
PT Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia

Board Manual

In general, the main duties of the Board of Directors include:

  • 1.Perform and responsible for managing the Company in accordance with the Company's purposes and objectives.
  • 2.Manage the Company assets
  • 3.Prepare and achieve annual work plans

In general, the main duties of the Board of Commissioner include:

  • 1.Supervise the policies of the Board of Directors and provide advice to the Board of Directors.
  • 2.Approve and supervise the performance of the Company’s work plan.
  • 3.Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Board of Directors.
  • 4.Supervise the Implementation of Risk Management and Ensure the Implementation of Corporate Governance.
  • 5.Monitor the Company’s compliance with all applicable regulations.

Risk Management

Risk Management Function have been implemented by company to mitigate risk faced by company whether it is internal or external by following standard operating procedure of Risk Management as well as the founding of Risk Management Committee.

Code of Ethic

This code of ethics is arranged as an explanation of implementation of corporate governance regulation. This code of ethics applies the following principle and values:

  • 1.Transparency
  • 2.Accountability
  • 3.Responsibility
  • 4.Independence
  • 5.Fairness

The purpose and objective of this Code of Ethic is arranged in addition to ensure that Company complies with all relevant laws and regulations, but also provides ethical and conduct guidelines in reasonable, appropriate and trustworthy manner in conducting interactions related to business relationships work based on moral values which are part of Corporate Culture. Therefore, Business ethics and work ethics carried out can be used as part of the Corporate Culture.

Compliance Functions and Policies

Considering that Securities Companies are industries that are strictly regulated and supervised by Regulators (OJK), Self Regulatory Organizations (IDX, KSEI, and KPEI), PPATK and other parties related to the implementation of laws and the increasing complexity of business activities of securities companies that can provide a large impact on risk exposures faced by Securities Companies, one of which is compliance risk.

To manage and mitigate the compliance risk, PT Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia already has a Work Unit / Compliance Division which has been established in a charter that in writing binds the Work Unit / Compliance Division and appoints one member of the Board of Directors as the Director in charge of the Compliance Function

The position of the Work Unit / Compliance Division is below the level of the Board of Directors and is directly responsible to the Director in charge of the Compliance Function. In addition to being responsible for implementing the Compliance Function, the Work Unit / Compliance Division also ensures that other functions are in compliance with the provisions.

In order to ensure the implementation of the Compliance Function of PT.Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia, the Board of Commissioners and / or the Board of Directors has actively monitored. Active supervision is carried out in the form of, among others, monitoring, giving approval on policies and procedures, periodic reporting, request for clarification and meetings.

Internal Audit Function

In order to secure business activities in accordance with the vision and mission of PT Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia, Internal Audit as an independent assessment functions in examining and evaluation the activities of the Company. The purpose of the internal audit is to ensure that PT Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia’s operational activities are carried out in accordance with the provision along with possible risk consideration.

Internal Audit helps organizations achieve their goals through collecting data sampling activities and investigative activities in order to provide an independent assessment of internal control, the application of risk management and governance processes within the Company's organization.

Duties and Responsibilities of Internal Audit

  • 1.Arrange and implement the Annual Internal Audit plan.
  • 2.Test and evaluate the implementation of internal controls and risk management systems in accordance with company policies.
  • 3.Conduct inspection and efficiency and effectiveness in the fields of finance, accounting, operational, human resources, marketing and other activities.
  • 4.Conduct an inspection of compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.
  • 5.Providing suggestions for improvements and objective information about the activities examined at all levels of managemen.
  • 6.Make an audit reports and report the reports to the Compliance Director, President Director and Commissioner.
  • 7.Monitor, analyze and report on the implementation of suggested improvements.
  • 8.Conduct special checks if needed.

Organization Structure

Organizations Structure of PT Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia as of October 2023

Business License

Licenses owned by PT Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia:

  • 1.Broker Dealer License No. KEP-135/PM/1992, march 9th 1992
  • 2.Underwriter License No. KEP-45/D.04/2014, September 24th 2014
  • 3.Mutual Fund Selling Agent No.S-2298/PM.211/2017, December 12th 2017
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