How to buy & sell mutual fund online in NAVI by Mirae Asset?
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Following to successful registration of the IFUA (Investor Fund Unit Account), customers will be able to proceed mutual fund purchase transaction on NAVI by Mirae Asset account with these following steps:

  1. You can visit the NAVI by Mirae Asset website at or open the NAVI application on your device.  
  2. Click LOGIN and input the same User ID and Password as your HOTS account then click “SIGN IN”.  
  3. On the mutual fund “Product” page, you can choose mutual fund product that suits your investment needs and risk profile.  
  4. Make sure you read and agree the prospectus and fund fact sheet of the mutual fund product you choose.  
  5. Click “Buy” and enter the amount (make sure it is in accordance with the minimum purchase amount of the mutual fund you choose).  
  6. Check statement "I have read and agree to the entire contents of the Prospectus and Detailed Information".  
  7. Continue the process by clicking “Payment”.  
  8. Choose your RDN and make sure your balance is sufficient and then click “Continue Payment”.  
  9. Your mutual fund purchase order is on process, you can check your transaction status in “Transaction” tab.  
  10. You will receive email notification (to registered email) of your transaction order status.  
  11. To sell mutual funds, you can visit the “Portfolio” page then select “Portfolio List”.  
  12. Select the mutual fund product in your portfolio that you want to sell then click “Sell”.  
  13. Read the information that appears and make sure you understand and click “Understand”.  
  14. Fill in the “Number of Units” or “Indicative Nominal” of your sales, select your RDN, then click “Confirm”.  
  15. Make sure your sales information is correct then click “Sell”.  
  16. You will receive an email notification of your sales transaction.  

Term & conditions : Mutual fund transactions submitted before 12:00 PM (cut off time) will be effective on the same day. Transactions submitted after cut off time will be effective on the next bourse day.

Information & customer care :

Email :

WhatsApp : +62-811-1901-9000 (available at 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM)

Manual book NAVI can downloaded here.

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