Independent Audit Committee Member
Human Capital
Tanggal Diciptakan
Job Requirements:
• Male / Female, recommended age range of late 30 years old or early 40 years old;
• Have education background and expertise in Accounting and Finance ;
• Have a professional working background;
  A minimum of 10 (ten) years of work experience in the field of supervision or examination and/or practical experience at managerial level in business
  entities that enable its function as an Audit Committee to be carried out optimally.
• Have a professional background of working in a Big 4 Public Accountant Canton (Deloitte, EY, PWC, KPMG);

• Have high integrity; 
  a. Have a good understanding of Good Corporate Governance,
  b. Have a good understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Audit Committee.

• Have Understanding of Financial Statements, Company Business, Audit Process, Risk Management, Capital Market Laws and Other Regulations;
  a. Have sufficient knowledge to understand and interpret Financial Statements,
  b. Have sufficient knowledge of the Laws and Regulations in the Capital Market and Laws and Regulations relating to the Company's operations,
  c. Have knowledge of business processes, accounting standards, audit concepts, risk management and control concepts, related to the Company.
 Good communication skills to convey opinions and recommendations.

Job Descriptions:
• As a member of the Company's Independent Audit Committee;
• Assisting in the implementation of the duties of the Company's Independent Commissioner;
• Reviewing the financial information that will be released;
• Providing an independent opinion in the event of a difference of opinion between Management and Accountants;
• Reviewing the implementation of the audit by the Internal Auditor and overseeing the implementation of follow-up by the Board of Directors on 
  the findings of the Internal Auditor.

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